A day in the Red Sea

A day in the Red Sea

This week I started my day the perfect way. swimming and snorkeling in the fresh cool blue water of the Red Sea.

Eilat’s south beaches are the place to enjoy this underwater life: The Red Sea coral reef is the Northernmost reef in the world. It is home to an abundance of fish and corals. The hard corals which form the most incredible shapes may look like magnificent clusters of wonderfully shaped stones beneath the waves, some even resemble small petrified trees. Growing alongside them are the soft corals which gently flutter under the sea in the current. These fascinating creatures “yes they are actually animals” make a colourful like garden on the sea bed and all so easy to see from the shores of Eilat. Snorkeling over the corals and watching the fish dancing among the branches of the soft corals was just what I needed. I also timed my swim to be able to see a few divers beneath me which are having introductory dives: After a refreshing, invigorating swim, I make my way to the shower to wash the salt from my body and sit down to look across the sea at Aqaba in Jordan.
Looking out to sea I watch the windsurfers, the daily cruises, and beyond to the shore opposite in Jordan, Aqaba. (Arava border to Jordan is a very short drive from Eilat) There is a flagpole so clearly seen from the beaches in Eilat and the Eilat hotels. That flagpole in Aqaba, Jordan stands 130 meters tall and flies the flag of The Arab revolt: The enormous flag at the top of its pole is a good indication of the wind direction, but today, the flag was not at the top of the pole it flew at half-mast in respect for Queen Elizabeth II.

Not that I needed a reminder but time to head off anyway, the drive back to Eilat city and the Eilat hotels.


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