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Whether for historic, religious or leisure purposes, Jerusalem is one place worth visiting. A place rich in history tour of Jerusalem provides with deep insights on the birth of Christianity, Islamic history and non-Jewish occupancy alongside a variety of natural features providing with fantastic and enjoyable sights.

With a history dating back to over 7,000 years, Jerusalem boasts as one of the cities in the globe with indications and signs of early occupancy. Over the centuries, the occupation of Jerusalem has changed hands between communities leaving behind a mixed culture and belief that acts as the basis of modern-day religious groupings around the globe. A visit to modern-day Jerusalem gives tan opportunity to visit the following attractions among others:

#1. Natural Attractions

Jerusalem tours boast of great natural attractions that play host to a variety of wildlife and plantations. Among the key natural features are the Judean Mountains, mount olives that are part of Christian history, mount Scopus that is on the east of Jerusalem and a number of valleys and dry riverbeds that surround Jerusalem.

Cultural attractions

Other than the deep religious that is affiliated with Jerusalem, it’s also home to a range of artistic and cultural attractions. Israel museum based in Jerusalem is among the cultural centers with an attraction of over one million visitors annually. Housed in a 20-acre complex the museum offers among others rich historical materials that include the
Dead Sea scroll, Qumran caves and the shrine of the book among others. Just next to the museum is the bible lands museum that offers the rich historical facts of religion in Jerusalem. This is just near the national campus for archaeology for Israel and the Israel antiquities authority offices.


tour of Jerusalem – Despite its historical significance, Jerusalem remains a low scrapers town. The highest building in the town the Holyland Tower is a mere 32 stories. However, a number of ancient and historical buildings still dot the town depicting a magnificent view and rich historical background of the global religion.


A visit to Jerusalem offers an opportunity to engage and enjoy a variety of sports. Soccer and basketball are among the favorite games with Beitar Jerusalem football club being the leading team in the city. A number of sports facilities are available from which to enjoy the different games available.


Owing to its rich history and being a leading tourist destination, Jerusalem offers one of the best accommodation facilities. Tour of Jerusalem Featuring different cuisines and accommodation packages and other essential amenities, the facilities available include hotels, restaurants, and cottages with adequate service to cater for individuals, families or groups while on a visit.


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