Israel Classic & Adventure Tour

Israel Classic & Adventure Tour

Explore the rich cultural heritage and history of Israel with an exciting Israel tour. Visit iconic destinations such as Nazareth, birthplace of Jesus, the historic city of Bethlehem. Later we will also visit the ancient port of Jaffa, and the impressive ruins of Caesarea. Immerse yourself in the beauty of the Dead Sea and the Sea of Galilee. Whether you’re a first-time traveler or an experienced traveler, an Israel travel experience is sure to leave a lasting impression.

Day 1


Our representative will meet you at Ben Gurion International Airport and transfer you to your hotel in Tel Aviv. Over-Night in Tel Aviv.

Day 2

Old Jaffa – Caesarea – Daliat el Carmel with Druze Experience – Muhraka – Hiking Mt. Carmel

We will start the israel tour with a drive to the ancient city of Jaffa, the gateway to the Land of Israel. This is the perfect place to stroll through the winded alley-ways, look over the Tel Aviv Seaside, and slowly get acquainted with the Land of Israel. After a short city tour of Tel Aviv, we drive along the shores of the Mediterranean Sea to ancient Caesarea National Park, the glorious Port-City built by the Jewish-Roman King Herod the Great. Here we will see Herod’s Palace, built into the sea, the Hippodrome, the mighty Crusader Walls and more…

A winding road takes us to Mt. Carmel. To the Druze Village Daliat-al-Carmel to learn about the special Druze people, who have their own, secret religion, and are Arabs that are totally loyal to the State of Israel. Have a genuine Druze Authentic lunch, spiced with the stories of the owner of the place, Mr. Danny Halabi, who will tell you about the Druze people & culture as seen by a Druze.

A short drive brings us to the Carmelite Monastery Muhraka at the top of Mt. Carmel. Where according to Christian Tradition Elijah the Prophet fought the false prophets of the Baal. We hike from here down to the main road. Over-Night in Haifa.

Day 3

Haifa – Akko (Acre): The “Knights Halls” and Turkish Bath – Nazareth – Cana

We start the day at the famous Panorama-viewpoint overlooking the Haifa Bay and the Baha’i Gardens. Drive to Akko (Old Acre) to visit the underground “Knights Halls”, extraordinarily preserved since the Crusader Times, the Turkish bath, where “The Last Bath Attendant” will tell you some of Akko’s Legends, after which you will experience the typical Bazaar, with the colors and odors of the orient, the port and more… Driving deeper into the Land of Galilee we reach Nazareth. Where we visit the modern Basilica of the Annunciation, hosting icons of the Virgin Mary from all over the world.

We end the day in Cana of Galilee. Where according to Christian tradition Jesus made his first miracle, turning water into wine at a wedding. Over-Night in Haifa/Nazareth.

Day 4

Sea of Galilee: Capernaum – Tabgha – Mt. Beatitudes – Jesus Boat – Kibbutz Tour

Continuing the Israel Classic & Adventure Tour. Today we visit the places where Jesus acted around the Sea of Galilee: Capernaum, with Peters House and the famous Synagogue. Also enjoy the view from the Mt. of the Beatitudes. Where the “Sermon on the Mount” was given, and the reconstructed church at Tabgha, where tradition puts the miracle of the Bread and The Fish.

We will also sail on a boat similar to the boat used by Jesus and his disciples. In the afternoon we visit Kibbutz Sha’ar hagolan. Where a member of the Kibbutz will take us around and talk with us about life in the Kibbutz. The way-of-life that is always associated with Israel. Over-Night in Galilee.

Day 5

Ein Gedi Nature Reserve – Bike Tour in Nachal Peratzim

Drive along the Jordan Valley to the Dead Sea – the deepest place on Earth! We will hike through the Ein Gedi Nature Reserve, rich in water and wildlife. Now we drive to the waste “moon-landscapes” of Sodom (oh, Yeeeah! THAT Sodom!) … We will step out of the bus in the middle of the wide Amiaz Plateau. Bicycles will be waiting for us, and after a short briefing, we will enjoy cycling guided tour into the bizarre white chalk-formations of the Nachal Peratzim Canyon. We will spend the night by the Dead Sea.

Day 6

The Dead Sea – Masada – Camel/Donkey Ride – Bedouin Hospitality

Check-out around 11:00 in order to spend more time by the Dead Sea, where we will also be able to use the facilities and float (you can’t swim!) in those peculiar waters, known for their healing qualities… We will then climb (by cable-car…) the cliff-fortress Masada (Masada National park). Here, on a high cliff in the middle of the desert, King Herod the Great built a magnificent palace. This fortified palace was later used by Jewish rebels as a stronghold against the Romans. Their heroic struggle against the mighty Roman Empire became a significant symbol for the modern state of Israel and was recognized by UNESCO as “World Heritage Site”.

We descend Massada on the original Roman Ramp and drive to Kfar Hanokdim, a Bedouin-style facility. Before sunset, we will have a short ride on Camels/Donkeys after which we will prepare for the “Hafla” Bedouin-style-Dinner, where we will experience first-hand Bedouin hospitality… Over-Night in a Bedouin-style Tent in Kfar Hanokdim.

Day 7

Ben Gurion’s Tomb in Sde Boker – Jeep Safari in the Ramon Crater – Avdat

Drive to Sde Boker, to visit Ben Gurion’s tomb, located in a special garden, overlooking the Zin Valley. Now we drive to the Ramon Crater, unique geological phenomena, only to be found in the Negev Desert. Here we make a four hours Jeep Safari, a desert-experience that will bring us to some of the geological and historical highlights of the crater.

We will not miss a visit to Avdat National Park, an ancient Nabatean city, that used to serve as a caravanserai on the famous “Incense Road” from the legendary city Petra to the port of Gaza. Now we leave the desert and slowly ascend to the Holy City – Jerusalem, where we will spend the last 3 nights.

Day 8

Bethlehem – Jerusalem New City: Yad Vashem – Menorah by Knesset – Israel Museum

We start in Bethlehem, the birthplace of Jesus, where we will visit the Church of Nativity, which is the oldest church in the world. Built already in the 4th Century by St. Helena, it was never destroyed since then. The rest of the day is dedicated to the New City of Jerusalem: We visit Yad Vashem, the memorial of the holocaust, and then the famous “Menorah” (Candelabra) located in front of the “Knesset”-Building, housing Israel’s Parliament. At the “Israel Museum,” we visit the Model of Jerusalem in the Second Temple Period.

This is a 1:50 scale model of the city, as it was during one of its most important periods, when Judaism and Christianity, as we know them today, started to evolve. The model is built from the original materials and is updated according to the most recent archaeological researches. We will also visit the “Shrine of the Book”, where the “Dead Sea Scrolls” are exhibited. Over-Night in Jerusalem. The last destination on the Israel Tour.

Day 9

Old City: Mt. of Olives – Gethsemane – Wailing (Western) Wall – (Temple Mount) – “Suq” (Bazaar) – Via Dolorosa – Church of Holy Sepulcher – Jewish Quarter – Mt. Zion

The holy Mt. of Olives is a perfect place to begin the Jerusalem Old City Tour. The reason for this is this panoramic view of the Holy City you have from its top. A leisurely walk takes us down, through the holy Jewish cemetery, to the “Garden of Gethsemane” with its “Church of all Nations” and ancient Olive trees, almost 2000 years old!

We continue to the “Wailing Wall”, the last remnants of the holy Jewish Temple. After that, and provided the conditions permitting, visit the Temple Mount itself. Where we can see the Muslim Dome of the Rock and Al Aqsa Mosque (entering the Mosques only for Muslims).

Then we walk through the colorful “Suq” (Bazaar) and follow the different stations of the “Via Dolorosa”, the “Way of the Cross” according to Christian tradition. The Way of the Cross ends at the “Church of the Holy Sepulcher”, built traditionally on the site where Jesus was crucified and buried. In the afternoon we visit the Jewish Quarter, Mt. Zion with King David’s Tomb and the Place of the Last Supper. Over-Night in Jerusalem.

Day 10


Depending on your flight schedule, you will have some free time to spend in Jerusalem. This is the end of the israel tour, before your transfer to the airport for your flight back home.


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