Holy land tour

Holy land Tour – Stimulate your soul and your senses in this diverse land of blended cultures and varying landscapes

Here you wander through the land of many religions, holy land tour cultures, and free-spirited people praying, working, eating, and living side by side.
Sight and Sound: In the Old City of Jerusalem near the Western Wall you will see, the Hasidic Jews in their grand attire of the large black Hats and long white socks, the traditional Jews with their knitted scull caps and the young soldiers praying side by side holy land tour. Hear their muffled prayers as they rock back and forth by the wailing wall trips to the holy land.
trips to the holy land As the mosques call out the prayer time you will see the Muslim men gathering for prayer by the Al Aqsa Mosque some in suits, some in traditional Jalabiyya and keffiyeh:
Near the church of the Holy sepulchre, the bearded priests in their long black robes are seen among the many tourists from all over the world as the church bells chime holy land tour.

Taste and Smell:
trips to the holy land – allow your sense of taste and smell to feast upon the fragrance of flowers and pine forests from the north, to salty sea air of the Mediterranean coast, the distinct but light odor of sulfur by the Dead Sea. The aroma of coffee mixed with the sweet smell omitted by the hookah traditional water pipes along the modern or ancient streets of the land.

let your senses combine in the markets trips to the holy land, the SHUK, hear the calls of the sellers beckoning you to buy with their special prices, trips to the holy land see the variety of items of fresh fruit, and colorful spices, smell the spices, the fresh fish, the sweet baklava, chocolate and more: taste the delicately spiced dishes of the east in fancy restaurants or enjoy traditional homous and pitta in an easy roadside cafe.

Touch: As those senses carry you through the holy land tour, let the land and people touch your hearts and feel part of this place where modern and ancient collide.


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