Half Day Jeep Tour to the Eilat Mountains

A Jeep Safari tour is one of the Special things to do in Eilat

Tour description

Right in the beginning, when we enter the canyon of “Salomon’s Wadi” (Nachal Shelomo) we encounter the ever-changing landscape of colors and shapes, typical for the Eilat Mountains. On a bumpy road, we drive our Jeep across the “Rehav’am Saddle” that gives our Jeep drivers the real challenge they need on such a tour… Then we drive up the ancient “Eilat Ascent” that was used as a road connecting continents. Many caravans, fully loaded, went on this old road, from the Children of Israel through the queen of Sheba, the Pilgrims to Mecca and till modern times… We drive down a steep road to the cliff overlooking Ein Netafim, the “Dripping Spring” and the only natural water-source in the area. The jeeps bring us up a steep road to the summit of Mt. Yoash, from which 4 countries can be seen! Now it is time to gather our impressions and head down to the Red Sea…

Notice: Due to security consideration, areas in the vicinity of the Egyptian border can be closed to the public without further notice.


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