Half Day Jeep Tour ending in Timna

For those asking about things to do in Eilat, Timna Park is one of the fascinating sites around Eilat.

Tour description

Travel to Timna Park from Eilat (or Eilat’s port for those arriving to Eilat with a cruise)- Right in the beginning, after climbing with our Jeeps to one of the mountains overlooking the red Eilat Mountains and the blue Red Sea, we encounter in the “Yedidyah Pass” the ever-changing landscapes of colors and shapes, typical for the Eilat Mountains. Then we cross the wide, flat, Arava-Plain and take a look at the majestic Flamingo-birds that built their colony in the new salt-ponds of Avrona. We will also see the tropical Doum Palms that manage to grow in the midst of the Desert, and are the northernmost Doum Palms in the World! On a bumping road we drive into the “Wadi of the Statues”, called so because of the bizarre “Statues” carved by the wind in the colorful sandstone. This track brings us to the Oasis Beer Ora, with its abandoned army-base that looks just like a “Ghost Town” from the movies…! Depending on the time left we drive across some more Desert-Landscapes before we hit the Arava Road on our way to Timna.


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