Holyland & Alaqsa from Jordan

Holyland & Alaqsa tour from Jordan is a  basic 3 days Islamic tour covering some Muslim highlights located in Jerusalem & west bank.

Tour starts at Allenby bridge located next to Jericho

For groups from Malaysia, India, Turkey & Indonesia we can assist with the visa application.

This is indeed A Flash-Tour through the most important Muslim Sites in the Land of the First Qibla. It starts and ends at King Hussein/Allenby Bridge so that you can combine it with different itineraries in the neighboring countries.

Day 1

Our guide will await you at the Allenby Border Terminal, and lead you to our luxury Tourism-Bus. Now we head to Jericho – “The City of Palm Trees”, where we will visit some of the sites of the oldest city in the world, famous for its sweet-water springs that produce a little heaven in the heart of the desert… Ascending to “Al Quds”, the Holy City Jerusalem, we visit the site of Nebi Moussa, where a medieval tradition places the tomb of Nabi Moussa(Moses). This place was famous for “Ziyarat Nabi Moussa” that was held here during the spring and included a colorful march from Jerusalem, a week of prayers and other festive activities. We enter the Holy City through the Mount of Olives, with its panoramic view, Maqam (Sanctuary) Rabeiah-el-Adawiyah and Suleiman el-Farsi. Time permitting we will end the day with a first Salat at the glorious Al Aksa Mosque. Dinner and Over-Night in Jerusalem.

Day 2

Drive to Hebron, also named Al-Halil after the prophet Ibrahim. Here we will not miss the Ibrahimi Mosque (Haram el Halil) – a sanctuary built already some 2000 years ago on the burial place of the Prophet Abraham (Ibrahim el Halil), Isaac, Jacob (Nabi Yaakub) and their spouses. We will also seize this opportunity to pray at this holy place. Hebron is also known for its glass-blowers. Continue north to Halhul, where we visit the Shrine of Nebi Yunas. We end this day in Bethlehem, in the Church of Nativity, the birthplace of the Prophet Jesus (Nabi ‘Issa). This Church is the oldest still an active church in the world! A short drive brings us back to Jerusalem. Dinner and Over-Night in Jerusalem.

Day 3

The Highlight of every Muslim Pilgrimage to the Holy Land is the Al Aqsa, also known as the Haram-esh-Sharif – the Holy and Honorable. We will have an extensive tour of the Haram esh-Sharif, learning about its historical & architectonical background, as well as the many legends told about the holy Al Aqsa Mosque & The Dome of the Rock, “whose precincts We did bless” (Al Qur’an el Kareem, Sura 17, verse 1). We will also visit the Underground Mosque below the Al Aqsa, just newly opened to the public, as well as the Marawani Mosque. Now it’s time to stroll through the colorful “Suq” (Bazaar) of Jerusalem, where you can buy some souvenirs to take back home. We will also pay a visit to the famous “Church of the Holy Sepulcher”, where the Prophet ‘Issa (Jesus) was crucified and buried. Now it’s time to head back to the Allenby Bridge, where we will say goodbye to our guide, hoping you will soon return, Insha’Allah!


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