East Sinai Overnight Camel Trek

Amazing adventure overnight Private tour to Egypt from Eilat, the East Sinai Overnight Camel Trek is a unique customized nature & adventure tour operate exclusively by Ahalan Olympus Tour,

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Day 1

We will pick you up in Eilat, and transfer you to the Begin (Taba) Border-crossing, where our representative will help you with the formalities. On the Egyptian side, a car will wait for you and drive you along the coast of the Red Sea to the entrance of Wadi Malcha, where the camels and Bedouin Staff will be waiting for you. After getting acquainted with the Bedouins, loading our gear and introduced to your Camel, you will start riding into the great Canyon of Wadi Washwashi. The Canyon narrows and becomes a gorge, where the camels can’t go anymore. Accompanied by our Bedouin “Dalil” (desert-guide), we step off the camels and start a hike through the dry waterholes of Wadi Washwashi. In a rainy year, in winter, sometimes those holes are even filled with some water. The adventurous “desert-foxes” can also go inside the Washwashi-Gorge and climb with the help of a rope into the Moyet Washwashi (usually dry…) water-hole. After a short hike, we reach the little Oasis Moyet Malcha, where we stop for a lunch-break in the shade of a palm-tree. The Bedouins will make a fire on which they will prepare some hot, strong tea, and bake our bread directly on the bonfire. After lunch we hike on some narrow, ancient trails that lead us to the colorful, wide sandstone valley called El Freia. Here our camels will be waiting for us and we will camp in a “Thousand-Star-Hotel”. You can join the Bedouins while cooking dinner, and then sit with them around the fire, listening to their stories and maybe also telling them some of your own…

Day 2

After a light breakfast that includes self-baked bread, and Tea or Coffee cooked on the bonfire, we start our hike through a landscape of bizarre rock-formations formed by the wind until we reach the secret “Kuhul-Pass”, that so steps that you can’t ride it on a camel. The hard ascend is worthwhile, because at its end, after a short walk off-the-beaten-track, we reach the famous “Colored Canyon” – a narrow gorge that earned its name because of the colorful “paintings” that cover its walls and look as if they were made by an artist and not by nature. Climbing out of the Canyon we will meet our Bedouins and Camels for the last time, and pack our gear on a Jeep that will be waiting for us there. Somewhere on the way, we will also have a Bedouin Lunch together with our companions. The jeep will take us cross-country to the main road and then to the Taba Border. Once you crossed the border, our car will wait for you and drive you back to Eilat.


For more information, please contact us at +972-8-6347022 or by mail

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