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Returning to school from the point of view of a tour operator

Today 1st September excited sounds and laughter can be heard from the streets of Israel as children return to their first day of the new school year:

Families in Israel are seen loading their young children into the cars, they carry with them new colourful ,shiny school bags, on their feet  they have new shoes . The smiling, eager faces of young children are ready for their very first day at school:

The chatter of older children and teenagers reuniting with their classmates ready to embrace the new year learning about Israel’s history, geography along with many other interesting and thought provoking subjects;

Schools around Israel from the north of Israel to the south of israel welcome the first grade pupils into their classroom. The teachers and pupils parade around the playground whilst being cheered and welcomed by the older students.

Excited and nervous older children prepare for middle school and whereas they were the eldest in their last school they are now dwarfed and the youngest among young adults in their new school.

The high school pupils know they have a year of serious studies to help place their positions in society, they are entering the year with thoughts to study hard to achieve their goals to make their dreams a reality.

Families in Israel have enjoyed the summer school break being together with their youngsters, shopping, eating out, nature walks in Israel, beaches and historic sites but now its time to get back to learning and with that the mood changes in the streets.

With the youngsters back in the classroom “for few hours a day” the ambience on the streets becomes quieter and now the adults, pensioners and those not working can venture out to a more serene atmosphere.

Shops and shopping malls in Israel become quieter as the children are no longer taken along with parents to purchase the needed new clothes for the coming season and school year.

Coffee shops also have a different ambience without young children, adults can now quietly indulge and enjoy the many cafes, some selling sweet pastries to accompany fine blended coffee or tea brewed with fresh springs of mint to tantalize the senses: or perhaps preferably freshly squeezed orange juice and perhaps a breakfast of the finely chopped Israeli salad consisting or tomatoes, cucumbers, onions and parsley delicately seasoned with fresh lemon and olive oil and served with eggs of your choice, some tahina, cream cheese and fresh bread. This is a traditional Israeli breakfast enjoyed by families in Israel , most children and adults alike are raised on this healthy Mediterranean way of eating.

Soon those happy little faces will fill the streets again with their laughter and excited voices as the bell rings to announce time to go home.

Stories of their first day in school will be told to keen parents waiting patiently for that bell to ring and the children to arrive home:


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