Christmas Time in Israel

Christmas Time in Israel

Although most citizens of Israel don’t celebrate Christmas, there are many Christian groups and cities in it that makes the most wonderful Christmas events ! 

Christmas Time in Nazareth

The firs one is Nazareth. The city was the home of Maria, Josef and Jesus and was where his childhood took place. Therefore, the Christmas events are not close to disappointing and blend with the unique vibes and culture of the place.
in the City there are many decorations, a Christmas walk, special music and culture events in the different churches and many tours of folklore, culinary, architecture and more.

Christmas Time in Bethlehem

Bethlehem is a well-known city for the fact that it’s Jesus’s place of birth. Every Christmas the city gets decorated and lightened up for celebrations. During the Christmas eve you can take part of the Christmas mass at the city and watch it on the huge screens in the city’s main square. 

Christmas Time in Jerusalem

Although many parts of Jerusalem are being decorated and has many activities, in the Old City of Jerusalem, at the Christian Quatre, the narrow beautiful streets are lightened up with beautiful lights and amazing decorations. you can feel the special vibes in the air. It is recommended to visit the Church of the Holy Sepulcher and the many more fairs among the city. 

Christmas Time in Haifa

The German Colony in Haifa. Every year there is a big festival to celebrate all the holidays of all the religions in the city and in Israel celebrated during the same time. The festival includes beautiful light decorations, food, plays, concerts and many more different activities. 


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